At this moment you still don’t want to think about it. The sun is shining, the summer is in full swing and you enjoy the long days. Yet before you know it, autumn is coming up again. A wonderful season. In any case, regarding nature. Many fashionistas take goodbye to the summer with pain in their heart. The season in which you may also wear your favorite clothing. Nevertheless, the arrival of the cold season does not allow all those items for months in your closet to disappear.

Material, color and print
Whoever is a bit inventive, knows how to combine his summer clothing in autumn and winter. Then of course we do not mean the crop pops and the crocheted skirts that we wear on the beach. But your most beautiful shirts and blouses can go through all year round. Whether you can wear a summery item in the late season depends on different things. For example of the type of fabric and any colors and prints. A sleeveless blouse can be fine. But that flamingo shirt can be better stored a few months. It really belongs to the summer.

Summer dresses for winter occasions
You too undoubtedly have a chic summery dress in your closet. Especially at Steps, they know year in, year to express and design dresses that make you feel top woman. Are you also in the lucky possession of a neat summer dress? Then you make it winterproof in a few steps. When you combine it with a black tights or maillot you immediately give it a winter twist. If you also carry a black jacket over it, the metamorphosis is complete. This is how you go to the office today!

The MIDI skirt and the maxirok
A long or half-length skirt is an ideal item in the summer months. He sits nice and airy and combines great with a top, basic shirt or sleeveless blouse. But he also comes in handy in the winter. You protect yourself against the cold by putting on a tights or leotard. You attach ankle boots or tough biker boots. You carry it together with a slightly-fitting top with long sleeves. And do you want to spend the day completely comfortable? Then choose a wide sweater, possibly combined with a bralette.

Sleeveless blouses
Sleeveless blouses come in charge 365 days a year. Also in the winter you can go in all directions. A first option is to wear the blouse under a wide sweater. A wide-fitting sweater looks from itself casually and comfortable. But when the collar comes from a blouse on top, he gets a completely different dimension. You add a piece of charm and femininity. You can also wear the blouse under a cardigan. And under a jacket you can see chic and business. A good option to wear to the office.