It is an annual challenge. The temperatures are rising and while you want to be professionally about your work, you would prefer to put your feet in those comfortable flip flops. And so you are sighing in the morning time at times before the mirror. Many women find it difficult to wear clothing that is Summer Proof and at the same time Office Proof. What can you attract to the office and what is absolutely taboo in the workplace? We put some tips for you in a list that might help you on your way.

Let your slippers at home
To come back right away on those flip flops: how nice and comfortable they are, so it really can’t. Tooth slippers are too casual and therefore prefer to keep the beach or in the back garden. Flat sandals are already a piece of netter, although these in an office where a formal atmosphere is still able to be something too casual. Then there is a looser atmosphere at your work, then they might be a good option. If you want to be sure of your business, choose a pump (possibly with a peepoe) or a slingback.

Trust jumpsuits and white blouses
Items that seem to help us get out of the fire time and time, are the white blouse and the jumpsuit. Although the jumps has only come into the picture in recent years, the white blouse is a real classic. You can easily combine it with all kinds of outfits and it gives you a fresh and business look. Keep into account the type of fabric of the blouse. Transparent substances are really not intended to wear to the office. The last thing you want is that your colleagues (or worse, your supervisor) can see your lingerie.

The Culotte and the MIDI skirt
The Culotte and the (wide) Midi skirt are both suitable alternatives to the short skirt. Skirts and dresses that you wear to the office are ideally have a length to just above or under the knee. Are you someone who doesn’t like to wear this length? Then you can now meet the dress code at a trendy way. A culotte is pants that connect to your waist and hips, but then spreads wide. An even black or white variant is ideal for the office. You can combine a culotte or midi-skirt with a shoe with heel.