Having Microsoft Excel abilities has gotten quite possibly the most should have qualities of our lives. Microsoft previously dispatched it in 1985, and at first, it was exclusively utilized for business purposes. However, with the progression of time, it has become so boundless that we use MS Excel pretty much every part of life, regardless of whether instructive, official, business or even close to home purposes.

After Excel, numerous PC programs have created. Yet, till today, it doesn’t lose the allure by any means, other than its prominence is knocking up step by step! Thus, it is pivotal to have Excel abilities to ascend in any expert field.

Are you cut out for the corporate world? Ready to take on the giants of commerce and make your mark on the market?

Perhaps you have a brand-new business qualification that you’re looking to put into practice, or are an aspiring careerist or future students hoping to find your niche

Whatever your aspirations, these three paths could be the perfect opportunity for you.

1. Project Manager

If you’re a well-organised individual with impeccable timekeeping and an ability to deliver under pressure, project management could be for you.

And if you’re a problem solver with a knack for finding innovative solutions to new challenges, you may just be exactly the sort of person needed to navigate time constraints, resource restraints and budget limitations while meeting the high demands of expectation.

For those looking to hone these skills, a Project Management MSC with ARU Distance Learning provides the perfect opportunity to learn alongside your career, giving you a head start in your next move.

Remember that a career in project management also requires strong team leading abilities to make the most of the skills at your disposal, so people skills are a must for this path.

2. Consultancy

Consultancy comes in many shapes and sizes, and companies across industries will seek advice from consultants with a range of specialities.

Amongst the most common, however, are business and finance consultants. If you’re looking for a hands-on business career that offers you the chance to work with a range of companies and individuals.

And depending on your expertise, consultancy can be a lucrative career, as businesses will pay top whack for the know-how of a seasoned pro. And for freelance consultants, the position offers flexibility and the opportunity to become your own boss!

3. Small business owner

Never forget the little guy, the one who makes it all happen. After all, wasn’t Amazon once just the brainchild of a small business owner?

Running your own business is intense and demanding, but it’s also deeply rewarding. You’ll need to be patient – sales won’t take off overnight and it will require a lot of hard work at every stage.

As a small business owner, you’ll also need to keep an open mind when it comes to significant challenges – the first solution to any problem may not be the one that brings customers to your door, and it will take time to figure out what works and become attuned to their demands.

You’ll also need a little imagination if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re starting up in a competitive industry. But if you can keep an eye on the competition and stay one step ahead at all times, your business will thrive and grow.

These are just three careers – there is a rich and varied world out there and your skillset could be used in a variety of applications