Soon the time has come, you have a first date with that boy or man that you have sitting in a while. If you are already thinking of it, the nerves spread through your body. Will you make a good impression on him? And don’t make stupid comments? Or sinking the tension and happen to hellish or boring? All kinds of doom scenarios are already in your imagination. And then you have not even asked yourself one of the most important questions: what do you actually appeal? A number of advice for you at a glance.

Be yourself
During a first date, mainly do not experiment with new looks or trends. Maybe immediately the most important tip of all. The chance exists that a) does not fit this look and b) that you actually feel at all that easily. And you radiate that. Of course you will look that little extra during a first date in appearance. But make sure you stay yourself. And therefore also stays with your own style. After all, you also want that a potential partner gets to know you as you really are?

Sexy and feminine, but everything to mate
During a first date you want to show you from your most beautiful, most feminine side. Dresses and skirts do it well, just like chic blouses and jackets. Keep an eye on the delicate limit between sexy and ordinary. For example, there is nothing at all wrong with a modest neckline, but prevent you from attracting an outfit with too much ‘insight’. There is no good idea too tight or too short. This also gives you a wrong signal. And with that you either put on the wrong men, or you hunt the right way.

Shoes with heel
Men find it very beautiful if you wear heels like a woman. It makes you even more feminine. Of course they must be comfortable enough for you to attract. So have an easy pumps in good condition in the cupboard? Do not hesitate to put it on! Do you go shopping to score a nice new outfit prior to your first date? In case you also buy shoes, make sure that you walk them before your date. Shoes where you can stagger a bit awkwardly the last thing you can use.

Dress you on the occasion
The tips described above are useful for most first dates, since they will often take place in a restaurant, cafĂ© or cinema. But do you and your date other plans for your first date? Are you going to nature or do something sporty? Then it naturally speaks that you leave those comfortable pumps in a nice home and put your sneakers instead. In short, you always look the opportunity. If your clothes don’t match the setting of the date, you soon feel a strange duck in the bite.