That is little atmospheric and your neighbors will not be happy with it. Atmosphere in the garden you realize just like inside, with soft light and a good choice of light points. How do you grab a good garden lighting now? Below are 5 tips where you can do something.

1. Make a lighting plan for your garden
You don’t have to be a landscape architect to make a sketch of your own garden. That way you can easily judge where you can best place the outdoor lamps. The basis of every garden lighting is a good outdoor lamp with sensor. That is just practical to keep the garden accessible when it is dark. Find the right outdoor lamp for your garden.

2. Daring to change variation
If you provide a path of lighting, do not set the lamps neatly in a row with the same gap. Finally, it is not the intention to create a runway. Choose aware for illuminated places and a good view, but that can also be varied. Take a standing lantern between the commercials to make it exciting.

3. Select a number of special objects
It does not always have to be a tree that is placed extra. If you look at the garden well, you will definitely discover other nice things. Maybe your hedge is worth an extra light or the fence gives a nice effect. If you have a pond in the garden, you can really play with that when you choose the right light.

4. Solar light or still mains voltage?
Thanks to the development of LED lamps, it is no longer necessary to pull cables from home to your garden for lighting. With 12-volts you can realize a nice lighting with LED in many places in your garden. With the low voltage, the lighting is more safe and with batteries on solar energy you are also environmentally conscious. If you want to go for 230 volts, keep safety devices into account. Cutting for garden lighting must be protected against frost and moisture damage. That means that they should certainly be laid at a depth of 50 to 60 centimeters. With a repair it produces a major job.