Animal prints have proven to be popular in recent years. Shoes, shirts, bags, you name it. You can combine animal prints endlessly and they give you a bit a fresh twist to your outfit. But to carry the prints tastefully, you must take into account a number of unwritten laws. You want to be all compared to Kees from the Flodder series, where tigertops only gave her an ordinary look. That’s why we have listed a few tips for you. So you turned out the door soon and completely and full of self-confidence!

Keep it simple
Have you scored a nice item with animal print? Then keep the rest of your outfit simple. You can actually call the keyword. If you are going to combine with bright colors, or attract more items with the same or similar print, make yourself a hiking funfair. Black is the most ideal color to combine with such prints. A dark denim will also do it well. In any case always keep in your head that only the print can jump out. In this way you radiate exactly the femininity that you have in mind!

Care for neutral accessories
And that also means that you have to be careful with the kind and especially the amount of accessories and jewelry that you wear. Sure, gold must be able to, but golden or rosé jewelry can soon give a wrong impression if they are not subtle. Combine that striking trendy rosé watch so preferably the next time with a more neutral outfit. Red or pink nails can be very nice with a tiger or leopard print. You can also keep the color of your nails neutral and instead go for a bag in one of those colors.

Not too tight or too exposed
Even more than for other items of clothing, that a piece of clothing with animal print would rather not be too tight around your body. You don’t have to release you too. This can then happen soon ordinary. And that is the last thing you want to radiate! Really recommendations are wide-standing blouses and skirts with an A-line. You can combine this latter in different ways: with a simple shirt, a blouse or a wide sweater. Shirts or blouses in animal print are also fine with a blazer. That’s how you are hip and chic at the same time. Success guaranteed!

Try out carefully
In short, when you take into account the unwritten laws around wearing animal prints, you can look very classy. After reading this blog, are you not entirely sure how to wear it, or to what extent it suits you? Then experience carefully. For example, by wearing a bag with print. Do you feel comfortable enough to you here? Then the next time you can go for a garment with animal print, for example a skirt or a shirt. Only when you feel really definitely, you can pass on wearing a dress or jumpsuit, for example.